T-plus: Branching can be so much smarter (with ball valve)

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Unfortunately, extending, converting or renovating existing systems often entails a degree of inconvenience. Normally, the system has to be shut down in order to branch off an existing line. This is done to be able to drain the system or to freeze the water in the lines. Of course, you can’t just drill into lines that are under pressure with water flowing through them. But shutting down the production process is time-consuming, expensive and therefore extremely undesirable. Branching while everything continues working Flamco offers a solution with the innovative T-plus. Specially designed to make perfect branches quickly and easily while the system is in operation. The T-plus saves installation time and costs as well as having a positive effect on the service life of a system. Simply because the system does not have to be drained and refilled, nor does the water have to be frozen. That prevents additional air and dirt from entering the system and causing problems. Another advantage is the certainty of a good branch, thanks to the smart teeing mechanism (the trigger). Even where there’s a lack of space. Moreover, the packing ensures an optimal seal, eliminating the chance of leaks.

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